Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Riggin' Stuff

I thought I'd post what I've done for the rigging tutorial that is available to us in our animation class. (I highly recommend that anyone beginning in 3D should at least try to do this tutorial).

Basically you are given the "Pluggo" Model and rig him with a couple of wire parameters (knee swiveling and ankle rolling). I decided to take an extra step and play with morpers a little- to get some eye blinkage in there.

Here is a basic jump animation I did with the rig. Far from perfect, but that what practice is for-to get better.

Just to show some improvement comparison:
I did the Blender Animation Tutorial (the more in-depth one minus the lip syncing) over the previous summer, and I must say that it paid off HUGE with my current animation class. The class material is coming much easier and quicker to me than I thought. My advice: Anyone who is going to be in 241 next semester: Play around in Blender or any other software over the summer. It will pay off.
(BTW...Blender is FREE in case you didn't know -->

Anyhoo...Here be the video mateys: